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Scientifically studied,
proven and patented

Renowned LP-DG® Strain

One of the world's leading Lactobacilli strains featured in numerous human clinical studies, LP-DG® (Lactobacillus paracasei CNCM I-1572) has unique characteristics which support gut health by replenishing and rebalancing intestinal microflora harmed by poor diet, stress, digestive problems and antibiotic treatment. Discover more at

Our exclusive technology is the freshest innovation in probiotic delivery.

Our Patented Cap

Live and stable probiotics are isolated from humidity in a protective ‘alu-blister’ located in the multifunctional cap.

Liquid Advantage

Botanical extracts, vitamins and other nutrients are delivered in a synergistic liquid blend.

Deliciously Effective

By separating sensitive powders and active liquids until time of use, Innovia provides unprecedented probiotic stability and viability without refrigeration.

Small but mighty

The Power of Probiotics

The Importance of Gut Health

The human microbiome, comprised of approximately 1000 species and 100 trillion bacteria, is now thought to be a ‘virtual organ’ responsible not only for intestinal health, but also for immune response, absorption of vitamins and minerals, athletic performance and even cognitive functions.

Why Strain Matters

To create effective probiotic supplements, it is essential to use specific researched strains for specific health benefits. Because strains can be matched to the functions they support, only safe, stable and clinically documented organisms can be trusted.