Changing the Future of Probiotics

From Italy, a country known for its edible pleasures, and SOFAR, a company known for producing Italy’s finest digestive health products, we bring you Innovia Nectar.

SOFAR’s commitment to scientific study and advancing technology has resulted in a probiotic blend unsurpassed in efficacy and stability. Innovia Nectar delivers stabilized live cultures plus a range of active liquid ingredients in a unique micro-shot system, allowing for a true multi-action wellness product.*

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Our Core Values

Innovia strives to formulate and produce the highest quality probiotics for the health of the human microbiota and the wellbeing of people. Three guiding principles inform everything we do:


We merge creativity and technology to build proven dietary health products, supported by clinical evidence, for everyday people.


Born from a deep respect for people and planet, we seek to improve human health and wellbeing while alleviating symptoms and enhancing life.


A trusted and ethical probiotic leader, we use only exceptional active ingredients to formulate products of unmatched quality.

Our Story

1968 - 1982

An Inspired Entrepreneur

Dr. Alfonso Labruzzo, an Italian entrepreneur and technological innovator with a love for the arts, begins a collaboration in 1968 with a leading American pharmaceutical company to manufacture medical devices for gastrointestinal health.

1983 - 1994

Birth of a Company

After engineering a clever delivery solution for a ready-to-use consumer device, Dr. Labruzzo launches his first product, ClismaLax®, under the SOFAR brand, for distribution in Italy. ClismaLax®becomes a best-seller and, by adding other products to its portfolio, SOFAR becomes a leading Italian gastroenterology company.


A Pharmaceutical Sales Approach

SOFAR’s success takes off — its team of medical and sales representatives working directly with doctors, pharmacists, hospitals and clinics. Today, SOFAR employs more than 350 people, with a sales force of 150 people in Italy and around the world.

1995 - 1999

Work with L. paracasei LP-DG™ Begins

SOFAR identifies and acquires the probiotic strain LP-DG™ (Lactobacillus paracasei CNCM I-1572) for its specific anti-inflammatory and gut-modulating properties. Human clinical studies are conducted to document the ability of LP-DG™ to relieve intestinal discomfort, improve bowel function and rebalance the intestinal microflora.


Enterolactis® is Launched

SOFAR introduces the probiotic supplement Enterolactis® to the Italian market with a simple 8 billion dose in powder. Over 15 years later, Enterolactis® is sold in numerous distinct forms and remains the most prescribed probiotic by doctors and recommended by pharmacists in Italy. Enterolactis®, built on the beneficial effects of the single strain LP-DG™, is among the 10 leading probiotic supplement brands worldwide.  


New Divisions are Born

SOFAR begins launching products in other medical business divisions, including Surgery, Diagnostics and Robotics. Dr. Labruzzo personally spearheaded a project to build an intuitive laparoscopic robotic surgery system, the ALF-X®, with scientists and engineers from around the world.


The Robot is Sold

The ALF-X® robotic surgery division, commenced 13 years prior, is divested and SOFAR becomes the major shareholder of TransEnterix, Inc., the beneficiary of the rebranded Senhance® surgical robotic system.

2016 - 2017

SOFAR Arrives in the USA

SOFAR realizes one of Dr. Labruzzo’s dreams by bringing his unique probiotic strain to the U.S. dietary supplement market.

Buoyed by the overwhelming success of drinkable Enterolactis® micro-shots in Italy — and after being voted “Product of the Year” in 2016 by consumers — SOFAR introduces Innovia™ Nectar Probiotic Micro-Shots through a new subsidiary, SOFAR Americas, Inc.